Welcome to Viteava

We are a start-up drug development company dedicated to improving the treatment and management of cancer and related conditions, to enhance quality of life.

Green tea consumption has long been associated with a reduced risk of developing cancer and a decreased recurrence of early stage cancer. We were the first to uncover a novel and key mechanism of action of the major anti-cancer flavonoid isolated from green tea, (-)-epigallocatechin-3-gallate or EGCG.

We designed our drug candidates based on EGCG, with the goal of improving bioavailability and anti-cancer potency, while retaining a high level of safety.

Our drug candidates affect important proteins and signalling pathways extensively studied in cancer models, clinically validated, and linked to the progression of disease.

Key Mechanism of Action


From Frankland-Searby and Bhaumik, Biochim. Biophys. Acta. 1825: 64-76, 2012.



Our initial strategy seeks to study our drug candidates in patients at high-risk for cancer progression or with serious tumor-associated symptoms, where we can achieve significant clinical outcomes such as delaying the progression of the disease and/or reducing the burden of disease, and where we can provide a significant advantage over current standard-of-care.

There are many early stage cancers that are not treated or without standard treatments because existing therapeutic options are too toxic and/or have no established clinical benefits.

There are significant advantages to early intervention in cancer:

  • the disease is less resistent to treatment hence the patients are more likely to respond;
  • healthier patients are more likely to benefit from treatment;
  • significantly delaying progression or reducing the burden of disease can improve quality-of-life prior to requiring more invasive and/or toxic treatments;
  • significantly delaying progression prior to requiring more expensive treatments can have health economic benefits;

and of course extensive benefits can be achieved if the progression of disease is arrested and/or the burden of disease is sufficiently reduced to altogether avoid other interventions.


Our Mission

Our mission is to leverage the growing body of positive human clinical data with green tea extracts, to develop novel chemical entities with enhanced potency and bioavailability, ideally suited to early intervention in the treatment and management of cancer and related conditions.